I just got quiz up and just won for the first time yesss take that skull who guess ox twice and was wrong both times

This just in they were fixing the internet or something. It is all fine.

Okay no the brrrr noise has started yet again

The noise has stopped there is no spraying noise either. Can I go back to sleep now?

I hear spraying noises upstairs??
Fire? Probably not. Still concerned.
The air condition is making the noise again. Slightly more concerned.

I was trying to fall back asleep and the air conditioner thing started making this big BRRRRRRRRR type sound and I just sat there and thought “do I get up or accept death?” and “I’m trying to sleep here.”

i didn’t know Friends episodes were named “the one where ___” or “the one with the ____” and that is brilliant. and also very useful. like i was looking a page where i found this and saw “the one where no one’s ready” and “the one with the prom video” and knew what both of those episodes were without even reading the plot description. that is amazing.

i have a few posts in my drafts that are from like March

i’m just so shocked like how unlikely is it that the girl you (a girl) like both has a non-straight dad and a non-straight woman with the same last name as her like hoW MANY HOMOSEXUALS ARE INVOLVED HERE

how am i supposed to find romance advice now. crushes on straight girls are a common pain. crushes on straight girls who possibly have gay parents? not very common


petition to change the word ‘graveyard’ to ‘skeleton farm’

so uh kinda important information about my (old?) crush aka math class cutie

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i looked up my (old?) crush on facebook and saw they changed their facebook profile pic and saw two of my best friends had liked it. why are they friends with her and not me.

aliens land on the moon. now they can spy more closely on the humans, they think as they look towards the Earth. they all stare at the Earth before saying “We actually can’t see anything from here.”

u know when people interpret a relationship as romantic over platonic and people are like “why do you have to turn their friendship sexual?” and just?? why do you have to turn the romance sexual? people are saying interpret this as romantic. not sexual.