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Hello! I'm Madison and I like anime and games and youtube.

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It was hard to whittle my anger down to 140 characters believe me

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A girl becomes embarrassed after giving flowers to a female US soldier on duty in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. 16 April 2007

The caption changes so many assumptions

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guns / guns cw war cw maybe ?



Stop making books into films and start making them into a tv show so we could have a lot more detail to them and they can stick to the book easier.

I thought this was going to make me annoyed but everything turned out better than expected

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wait so i’d like to share a few quotes from my drama class’s game of freeze

so the first scene was two sisters looking for a place to rest but walk in on the birth of Jesus

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Madison talks to herself religion mention???? not rlly but w/e


why does she look so shocked?? like what was she expecting from putting her hamster on the blue ball of fucking hell and making it bounce

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Paranime from Shut Up on Vimeo.

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Didn’t think i could get anymore excited about this film

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the face of a man with nothing left to lose

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markiplier fn@f five nights at freddy's


All I can say is…wow. Not a good feeling. 

Officer Darren Wilson’s gofundme has more money donated than Michael Brown’s memorial fund. White privilege at it’s finest. 

I don’t usually post about stuff like this, but please share this in hopes of more people donating to Michael Brown’s family. You can find the gofundme page: here.

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Mike Brown

Gonna make a post about it when I get home but there’s this super fun improv game we played in drama class today called “freeze” where two of you go up and get a scene and details like that (“two siblings on a Ferris wheel”) and you act it out. But then someone yells out freeze after a minute or so and takes the place or whoever a been there the longest. They take the pose the other was frozen in and makes a new scene (based on the poses kinda) and then the other just goes along with it.
And maaaannn it’s fun. I love games u do in drama class u know they’re great I love them so much

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Madison talks to herself

It’s so weird being able to use my phone in school and having a lunch from home

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Madison talks to herself food mention



how to make ur anime:

(something) no (something)

done now u have an official working title for ur anime

tfw no gf

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Tomorrow’s the second day of school and I already don’t want to go

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Madison talks to herself school cw /

my writing is not good (probably not bad, but not gonna say it’s good either.) but i’d just like to share a few quotes from the thing i just wrote

"….The dog was fine. But when the guy pulled foot out… Yep. Covered in potato salad. But nothing they couldn’t wash off. Other than the pain and trauma. I don’t think he’ll ever recover from all that."

"Great. Thanks, puberty."

"How was work?" "Good, that one guy who got out of work for some ‘potato salad incident’ is back at work now. What does that even mean, anyway?"

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Madison talks to herself that may or may not have been inspired by that drake and josh quote



Petition to have a very gay sports anime *pause for effect* with girls


figure skating


another baseball

military?? idk



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